Saturday, July 13, 2013

11 Questions

Another 5th grade teacher who blogs and lives in GEORGIA (woot woot) nominated me for the Liebster Award. (Thanks Amber!) Today is a lazy day for me, so it's a good day to answer some questions and nominate some awesome blogs!

Blogs I Nominate:
The Liebster Award goes to great bloggers who have less than 200 followers. Go check these peeps out and follow 'em, 'kay? Pretty much just because I said so ;)

*Note: I'm only nominating 5 blogs, not 11.

What's New in Room 202?

(I happen to agree)

Teaching in an Organized Mess

(Ain't that the truth?)

Here are the rules for the Liebster Award:

Random Facts:

1. I like watching the TV show Castle, just not late at night. 'Cause it's scary.

2. I love Erin Condren planners. Both the school one and the life planner, too. If you haven't heard of her, oooooooohhh.... check it out!

3. I gave up Diet Coke and basically all carbonated/caffeinated beverages last December.

4. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats. Big dog = Peanut, Little dog = Jaqq. Everyone says their names are mixed up. The cats are named Chewbacca and Jabba. Guess who picked those names? (If you said my husband, you are correct.)

5. I am SUPERDUPERINCREDIBLYMEGA excited about the birth of the royal baby! I can't wait!

6. I am terrified of seagulls. 'Cause they are scary.

7. I went to Africa on a mission trip for almost 3 weeks this past May/June. AHHHHHMAZING. I can't wait to go back.

8. I am an avid Apple user! Don't want to use anything else unless I absolutely have to.

9. My to-read stack is getting ridiculously high, but that excites me because I have a beach trip coming up, and to me, that equals reading.

10. I own a Kindle. I think I've read 3 books on it. Ever. I've had it for ages. I prefer the feel of "real books." (Not trying to start a war here.)

11. I am reading the Bible in a year, and it is awesome! I'm learning so much.

Okie dokie, that's it for my random facts. Here are my 11 answers to Amber's questions:

1. How long have you been blogging?
Well, I'm not 100% sure. I'd have to go back and check my first post date to know... hold on... [checking] since January 17, 2011. Is it weird I don't know that off the top of my head? I have seen people celebrate their blogiversaries... Maybe I should? Hmmm... Maybe I will write that in my Erin Condren life planner...

2. What inspired you to blog?
Goodness knows I love to talk, and when I came across some really great bloggers who write like they are just sitting there talking to you, I knew I wanted to share my voice across the Internet. (That statement probably makes some people who know me cringe.)

3. How long have you been teaching?
I'm going into my 7th year. Lucky 7, baby!

4. What is the best advice you can offer a new teacher?
Search for organization ideas. If you can put everything in a place and find it, it will lessen your anxieties. (Just trust me on this one.)

5. What do you believe is the major public education issue of today?
Hmmm... standardization. Testing. Standards. It all is standardized. Which can be good and bad. During my trip to Africa and visiting some of the schools, I better understood a need for common standards to ensure that children in a country are being taught the same things and that all children are held to a high standard. However, standardized testing mandates are getting out of control. In my opinion, too many people who haven't set foot in a classroom since 1960 are making educational policies for 21st century classrooms! This is my open invitation to all policy-makers: come spend a week in my classroom. Then you will have a clue. The end. [Just realized I ranted, and that's not what you were asking. Sorry. Rant over.]

6. If you were not in education, where would you see yourself?
Marketing. Because that's half of teaching. Selling what you believe in to someone who may or may not think they need it ;)

7. What celebrity closely resembles you, not necessarily by looks, but personality?
I have NO idea. Honestly. And I love celebrities. But I don't know. They are all kinda crazy. (Note: I'm pretty crazy too, but my brand of crazy is different from theirs.)

8. What is your favorite television show?
Of all time? Everybody Loves Raymond.
Currently? Castle. Bachelorette. Whodunnit?

9. What is your favorite book?
The Harry Potter series, specifically book 7.

10. What do you do for fun?
Read. Go to movies. Hang out with my son and hubby. Make things. Waste time on Pinterest and Facebook.

11. Describe your family life.
I've already mentioned all my crazy animals. I have a husband who I adore and is a genius named Josh. We met when I was about 3 years old at church. We reconnected as adults and got married in 2006. I have an 8 year old son (who Josh adopted 2 years ago) named Ashton. He's a wild but sensitive kid who blesses my life (and gives me gray hairs) on a daily basis!

Questions for the Bloggers I Nominated

Keepin' these light and simple, friends!
1. Favorite salad dressing?
2. Worst movie you've ever seen?
3. Favorite vacation spot you've been to?
4. One place you want to visit before you die?
5. Favorite subject to teach?
6. Dessert - yes or no?
7. Favorite way to unwind after a crazy day at school?
8. Do you tweet? If so, who's your fave person to follow?
9. Star Trek or Star Wars? (You can't say neither. Be creative.)
10. Favorite holiday or celebration?
11. One age you'd NEVER want to be again?

Okay, basically - TAG! You're it :)

If you're reading this and you just want to comment on any of my randomness, my answers, or my questions, please feel free! I love feedback :)



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    1. Thanks! And thank you also for the nomination :)

  2. Hi, Dallas--Thanks for the nomination! I updated my blog with answers to your questions. :)

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    1. Loved your answers and random facts! Have a super day!


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