Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stuff I Actually Made from Pinterest: Classroom Edition #3

This is the IDEAS issue of Stuff I Actually Made From Pinterest: Classroom Edition. Here are some great ideas I got from Pinterest. I am obsessed! I know that Pinterest has some new controversial rules, but can I shamefully admit that I don't know them yet? I suppose I better look into that...

At any rate, here are some ideas I loved from pinning. To follow my classroom boards on Pinterest, click the Pinterest logo on the right sidebar!

Mine is nowhere near as BEAUTIFUL as the original post I pinned (here) but I love the fabric bins. My closet is so much cleaner! If you love classroom organization, you have to follow her blog. She is a genius!

The same website from the above photo inspired me to buy more bins and put them on my open shelves - SO MUCH NEATER than before! I will never go back to baskets again!

I know I found this on Pinterest, but once you have like 55 billion things pinned, it's overwhelming trying to find them! That's why I'm in the process of breaking down my "classroom" board into 4 different ones... but I have all the students' names in this picture frame from the dollar store. Once I meet with them for any project, I just cross their names out with a Vis-A-Vis marker. Brilliant! And not my original idea, lol...

Another idea I'm pretty sure I found on Pinterest... but could have been that I found a blog on Pinterest that eventually led me here? I don't know. Anyway, another brilliant idea that is not my own. Somehow it's Pinterest-inspired... On these charts, students track the number of books they have read!

I feel like my common disclaimer is "Mine is not as pretty as the one belonging to the original poster." *sigh... But anyway, here is the one I found on Pinterest. I tried having one cup for each color, but this ended up working better for me! I am a big fan of finding good ideas and customizing them to fit my needs :)

I loved this idea. I hate how yucky the insides of these clear drawers look when they have papers in them. I love my clear drawers, but I felt like they were a little cluttery-looking on the inside. Saw this pinned and knew I had to do it! (On top is the chart where students highlight their names when they turn in work and highlight their names on their work, but I can't find that pin either...)