Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Last Weeks of School: Part 2

Woah. Those last two weeks of school went by SUPER QUICKLY. I know I was going to post all of our great ideas, but I felt as though I didn't even have time to breathe those two weeks!

Here are some other ideas that were in our balloons that we popped. (Confused? Read the original blog post here.)

  • Serenade the principal. We sang "My Girl." The kids didn't know the song before we started. We only learned the first verse and the chorus. It took us about 4 minutes to learn, then we were off! It was fun!
  • Extra indoor recess.
  • Play board games.
  • Read outside.
  • A student sang a solo for the class. He made it up as he went. It was hysterical :) (He chose to do this, by the way!)
  • Play the Wii. We did this the last day of school. I finished up packing report cards while the kids played. Woohoo! Our school has two Wiis for teacher-checkout in the media center. They were bought with a special grant for our PBIS program! The kids played Mario Kart. Each student raced one race, and they were the same players each time (Player 1 was Mario and 2 was Luigi). They raced the events in order, no arguments, no switchies. My students are numbered in alphabetical order, so we played #1 against #28, #2 against #27, etc. I know my kids at the last of the line hate going last, so we played this way!
I know there were a few more, but those weeks were a blur. Those are the ones that stood out in my memory! I have heard from many of you who are doing this in your classrooms, and I'm so glad it's been such a success! Thank you for sharing what you are doing with me. I have a few new ones from Twitter followers I certainly want to incorporate when I do it again next year. Thank you for learning and sharing right along with me!

To those of you who are already done with school, happy summer! And for those who still have a few weeks or days left, I'm sending relaxing thoughts your way!


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  2. Wow! What a great idea to have a Wii... thinking about writing a donors choose request for one for next year as a reward.

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