Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stuff I Actually Made from Pinterest: Classroom Edition #2

This post is a continuation from my previous one about things I've actually made from Pinterest. (Find the earlier post here.)

Yesterday, I posted a picture of a chart I made with tips on how to have a good conversation about learning in the classroom. When showing off my poster to my teaching friends at an inservice training today, they made fun of me for leaving out the word "me" on one of the conversation starters. Whoops. I'm not perfect. But the funniest part of that is that I've read that poster out loud to every small group, every day, for the last several days. I've NEVER noticed, and either the kiddos didn't notice it either, or they were just too dang nice to point it out. Leave it to my friends to create an entire dialogue out of it to poke fun at me. Thanks, friends! ;)

Because I was in a training meeting today, I wanted to post the Sub Rules I wrote out for my students:

this idea was pinned from
(I don't think I left out any words here!)
According to the note the substitute left, I think (mostly) everyone did a good job following these rules today! I definitely wanted to leave these for today because sometimes, I think the lovelies need a reminder. This was posted in the front of the room, smack dab on the Promethean board. Hard to miss!

The next picture I want to show is something that I found a long time ago, actually on Facebook, but I recently saw it pinned. I painted this a while back, before I ever saw it on Pinterest. Therefore, I haven't pinned it, but I suppose it could count as something I've made that is also on Pinterest...?

I'm no artist, but here's the canvas hanging in my classroom:

Now, it's not perfect, and don't ask me what all the confetti worms are at the bottom, but I enjoyed making it. This is another example of something the lovelies need reminding of every now and then as well! (The same goes for me sometimes, to be honest!)

Tomorrow, I want to post about how I decluttered my closet. I'm so inspired by the Clutter-free Classroom and all her posts about cleaning out! She is right, and so is FlyLady - you can't organize clutter! I wonder if it's too late to link up to her post... but I cleaned out my closet and I am so proud! More on that to come tomorrow!