Sunday, October 9, 2011

Looking for H.O.T.S. Stuff?

Sometimes when we write lesson plans, it's easy to think of a good remediation for our lessons. The harder part, however, is thinking of good extensions for students who require more of a challenge in their work. In the course of getting my gifted endorsement, I have found that I LOVE using two gifted strategies in my regular-ed classroom: Six Hats and SCAMPER.

You can Google them to find out more information if you are interested, or you can download the bookmarks I created to use these strategies in my classroom. They work for ALL of my students, and they encourage higher-order thinking from everyone. Click here for Six Hats and here for SCAMPER.

We also use a lot of Bloom's Taxonomy in our reading classrooms. Click here to download the bookmarks for fiction and nonfiction books that the kids use to ask EACH OTHER higher order thinking questions about their reading! This lets me sit back and listen, working as referee, coach, and diagnostician all at once.

If you choose to use these, please email me your feedback! Enjoy!