Friday, September 30, 2011

iPods & iPad Safety Settings

When you let your lovely students use your iPods or iPads, you'll want to be sure that the devices are safe for them to use. (And quite frankly, at times, safe FROM them, hehe!)

Here's a quick set of directions on how to make your tech student-friendly.

Find the Settings on the device. Once it opens, click "General." Then find and click on "Restrictions."

Here it will ask you to set up a 4-digit code for your restrictions. For your sanity's sake, make it something you can remember.

Once you enter that information, you'll be able to restrict certain things. Here's a rundown of what I have restricted on my devices in my classroom.

Safari - ON
YouTube - OFF
Camera - ON (I want them to use this for projects)
FaceTime - OFF
iTunes - OFF (I don't want them downloading their own music)
Ping - OFF
Installing Apps - OFF
Deleting Apps - OFF

Allow Changes:
Location - OFF
Accounts - OFF

Allowed Content:
In-App Purchases - OFF (for obvious reasons)
Ratings for - United States
Music & Podcasts - Explicit OFF (again, obvious)
Movies - G
TV Shows - NONE
Apps* - ALL

*A word of caution: You may be tempted to limit the age on your apps. That seems to be common sense. However, many apps you will want your student to use (like are 17+! INSANITY! It is safe that if you have the Installing Apps and iTunes Store set to OFF, then whatever you have downloaded is safe for them to use.

I hope this helps you start the process of getting your devices student-ready!