Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Embrace Your Inner Geek Day

My new school organization stuff - woot!
So, I'm sitting in one of my summer Gifted Endorsement classes 20 minutes early. Not because I'm a geek, though; my child is at the beach with my aunt and uncle. I am just not used to going somewhere in the morning without getting someone else ready and lugging around extra stuff.

But, I am taking summer classes, and lots of them, so that helps raise my geek status.

Why all the talk about geekiness, you ask?

On the way to my class, I heard on the radio that today is Embrace Your Inner Geek Day! I love the idea of this holiday. I'm the teacher who wears her "Nerdy" shirt to school on Fridays. Literally, I've had a shirt embroidered with the word "Nerdy" on it. I'm a self-proclaimed nerd (but unfortunately not the level of nerd who can fix your computer). I love being nerdy! It's something I'm proud to embrace.

So, on the radio, the DJs were asking everyone what they were geeky about. I'll tell you about myself. I'm geeky about school stuff. Crazy geeky about school stuff! I love school supply shopping, I love buying organizing shelves and baskets, I love making documents for school - I love it all! School stuff totally geeks me out.

How about you? What things make you feel geeky?

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