Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Read, Read, Read!

Ok... Comma Queen! You are most definitely writing and posting more than me. I am really okay with that because we are one teacher separated at birth, but I have to share my proud teacher moment from today!

I have a struggling reader. When I say struggling, I mean she struggles to get meaning from what she reads. If you were to listen to her read you might not know that she is understanding little because she does read quite well.

For months, I have been drilling into my students the idea that the only way to be successful on the upcoming state reading test is to read whatever they want as much as they want. It will be my job, as the teacher, is to provide any test prep they may need in addition. They just get to read, read, read. (Aren't they lucky?)

Like my colleague, I too was meeting with as many students as possible this morning. When I had a chance to meet with the struggling reader mentioned above I noticed two sticky note bookmarks in her book. When I inquired why she told me that one was her bookmark and the other was her goal for reading that day. It looked to me to be about 30 pages of reading. I immediately asked her to tell me as much as she could about her book. She beamed and rattled off a ton of details and events from her book.

I could tell that the effort she was putting into my reading teacher demands was paying off. She was reading.... truly reading and understanding. She was also setting personal goals for herself that were above my own requirements.
I gave her a silent high five, told her I loved the way she challenged herself, and hoped she read even more tonight. I can not wait to ask her tomorrow what the guinea pig that acts like a dog does - Guinea Dog by Patrick Jennings is the book she is reading.

Love my job! I get to sharing the gift of reading! ~Lit Lady

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  1. We are teachers separated at birth - love it! Love you!


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